If you're looking to improve your Landscape Photography and want to see some of the Lake District at its finest, get in touch today and I can arrange a bespoke Tuition Day catered to your individual needs.

Jane & Sarah capturing a stunning Autumn sunset on their workshop at Derwentwater

Jane & Sarah capturing a stunning Autumn sunset on their workshop at Derwentwater

Whatever your skill level, my workshops are aimed at helping you get the best out of your Landscape Photography. Each day in the Lake District landscape is very different, so we will not be constrained by set locations, we'll start with a general base to work from and I'll make sure you're in the best place to take advantage of the weather and conditions on the day. All travel to each location is included from an agreed pick up point.

The duration of the day will be based on a dawn-to-dusk basis during the months between Autumn and Spring. During the summer workshop times will be based around client preference for shooting sunrise or sunset, but will not be less than 10 hours (including a break half way through the day.

Half-day workshops are a minimum 4 hours, I can work flexibly on whether you would rather shoot sunrise or sunset.

These are priced at £195 (1 person) and £295 (2 persons)

Half day prices (minimum 4 hours) £100 (1 person) and £150 (2 persons)

We will cover subjects such as:

  • Camera settings basics

  • Composition

  • Use of light

  • Location Planning

  • Working with filtration (Graduated/Neutral Density Filters)

What you’ll need:

  • Sturdy tripod

  • Digital camera

  • Suitable outdoor clothing

  • Any medication you require

  • Outdoor boots

So if you'd like to improve your Landscape Photography skills why not book a course today - just provide the dates you require during booking and I will do my best to work around these or arrange a mutually suitable day.

Workshops are arranged for Monday’s & Tuesday’s (as these are gallery closing days). Tuition days are limited to 2 persons to ensure the best focused attention possible.