'The Beast From The East' and the pressure to cash in

Well, that was an interesting few days wasn't it??!!


Last year I think collectively everyone had a bit of a moan about the distinct 'lack' of wintry conditions in the UK (certainly in England anyway) however this time round there can be no such complaints. 'The Beast From The East' and also the snowfall that preceded it a couple of weeks earlier has for the most part delivered something for pretty much everyone, and given us all the opportunity to create some fantastic snow-themed imagery. I must mention though to spare a thought for all those affected by this weather and perhaps don't share our love of the snow, and the strain it puts on emergency services etc - no photo is worth putting your own and others lives at risk. It was certainly at the forefront of my mind when going out and made me turn back from several situations where others less sensible would have carried on.

One thing I wanted to touch on which I think we all feel a bit is something of an underlying pressure to 'get out' in these conditions and milk them for all they're worth, rather than actually enjoying just being out full stop - i'm no different in that sense however I was determined that with only having one full day to shoot these conditions I was going to just embrace and enjoy the day in some fantastic surroundings irrespective of what I produced. It would be easy to fall into the trap of chasing a certain image at a certain place when the snow falls but for me if I'd done that I'd have probably come back with some very average images (you may think the ones I've posted are also lol)


The only slight downside to shooting the places I like to go (very much off the beaten track usually) was most of the roads to them were impassable, so something more straightforward and reachable was loosely planned. Myself and friend first had a walk around the shores of Derwentwater as the main roads to Keswick were fine, we found some fantastic shapes and textures to be had along the shoreline. Then afterwards we headed towards Ullswater where again roads were pretty treacherous so a meander around Matterdale shooting the desolate, wind-blown landscape was the alternative.  The snow around the Ullswater area is always usually much deeper and plentiful due to where it's situated, it's just a shame we couldn't get down to the lake side explore that area. The plan here was to make a rough track towards Great Mell Fell but the wind was absolutely crazy, making progress across the growing drifts extremely difficult. In the end we got to the foot of the fell and decided it wasn't worth going any further, with visibility down to about 50 yards and a real risk there might have been an issue with where the car was parked if we'd left it there for any longer. 

Could have been Lapland in that forest!

Could have been Lapland in that forest!

We had a mooch round some trees in the Matterdale area then true to form decided to take a 'shortcut' round and through some forest which once in the middle of could have literally been anywhere - never mind a short drive from home. I knew nothing I'd shot was going to be particularly great but on the walk back it was worth reminding myself that it's just great to be out in such conditions, certainly makes you feel alive and is better that being in front of a TV or a Computer screen! It was a memorable day and for me, that'll do.

I don't want to ramble on as this blog is more about sharing a few images I've pulled together from the day and also from the wintry conditions the past couple of weeks, it's been thoroughly enjoyable seeing my local landscape transformed by the snow, but right now I think I'm ready for spring!

Thanks for looking folks see you on the next one......