2017 - Favourite Images from other Photographers

I've enjoyed immensely looking at other photographers work this year, and I'm sure if I tried to come up with another similar list i'd have another totally different batch of images as there's been so many to choose from this year. However the images below are the ones which I could recall the easiest, so probably had the most impact on me at the time. In no particular order, here's some of my faves from other togs this year:


'Stilts' - Neil Burnell

An image which I'm sure is familiar to many, Stilts is typical of Neil's superb approach to clean and minimalistic photography. This image was a worthy category winner in this year's Landscape Photographer Of The Year and is certainly one of my favourites as I'm sure it is for alot of others.


'Stowe Pool' - Dave Fieldhouse

Dave's image like Neil's was another winner in LPOTY 2017 and it's easy to see why. A really classical winter landscape with superb tones.


'Pale Shelter' - Mark Littlejohn

Mark's image 'Pale Shelter' was another image which I think made everyone stop and stare when he shared it some months back - a wonderfully simple image.


Vatnajökull Ice Cave - Greg Whitton

Greg's style of photography is probably a style I most identify with from the images of this list, and certainly produces imagery which are a constant source of inspiration. I'm not too familiar with imagery beyond the usual stuff you see from Iceland, but this image stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it - cracking work.


'Frostiest Tree in the Forest' - Chris Dale

004 - Frostiest Tree in the Forest.jpg

This image from Chris was taken right at the end of 2016 though was probably 2017 when I saw it so for the sake of this list I'll include it, and why not? A wonderful wintry image.


'Fire Within' - Rachael Talibart

Rachael's image 'Fire Within' won the Classic View category in LPOTY 2017 and is another photographer who continues to produces work of an exceptionally high standard. Her series 'Sirens' is also truly outstanding although it was this image which kept me coming back.


'Meander' - Darren Ciolli-Leach

In truth I could have picked any number of Darren's images, although this image 'Meander' is exactly the sort of image I've found myself often trying to (unsuccessfully) capture. A scene most folk would wander straight past, Darren time and again manages to spot the unassuming, hidden scene and make it look beautiful.


'Depths Of Winter' Brian Kerr

Brian's approach to Landscapes is something I really relate to  - enjoying seeking out new locations off the beaten track and coming up with really original images. Brian has some fantastic woodland photography, and this one captured during the snowfalls in March really stood out.


'Fenced' - Matt Oliver

I've followed Matt's work for quite some time, and really enjoy his muted, restrained processing style which really suits the compositions he shoots. This image 'fenced' works brilliantly, the cold mist giving great separation to the frosty foreground.