A bit about myself…..

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My photographic story isn’t probably your typical one - I didn’t have a lifelong love with the camera, and I’m probably quite new to Landscape Photography (I began in early 2016). I was like many who’ve lived in the Lake District all their lives, a little ignorant to the beauty in my surroundings, I guess familiarity can make us all that way a little bit.

That changed in early 2016 when on a whim and in need of some escapism I took up fell walking, and like many landscapers my love with the camera started just taking a few snaps to document my travels, but quickly developed into a passion which I know will last me a lifetime. A new love of my local landscape was formed (and what a landscape it is!) and I’ve not looked back.

In May 2018 I took the plunge and became a full-time Professional, opening my photographic gallery in Keswick - Lens District Gallery, which is beginning to flourish and vindicated my decision to leave my previous job at Sellafield.

Photographically I’ve been fortunate enough in my short time to have been recognised in various forms, these include:

  • 2018 Landscape Photographer Of The Year - Sunday Times Award Winner + 3 other Highly Commended/Commended images

  • 2017 Outdoor Photographer Of The Year - Commended

  • 2017 November Outdoor Photography Magazine - Cover Image

  • 2016 Outdoor Photographer Of The Year - Commended

  • I’ve also had my work published in various magazines/newspapers such as the Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Digital Photography Magazine and many others..

I regularly work on commissions and collaborations, if you’d like to work with me feel free to get in touch here.

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